Brighten up your living or work space with Art Dept. custom stained glass window designs.  Choose from a variety of existing design patterns, or have something custom made to your liking. Color combinations can be changed to suit the style of your space.
The insulation properties of these windows can lead to savings on energy bills in the winter by reducing the airflow from any existing leaks, as well as in the summer by reducing the amount of heat and light entering via the sun’s UV rays.
With their modern acrylic framing system, our stained glass window designs are easily scalable to fit your needs, made to rest in front of any existing outdoor window, on the indoors side of the window.
Opposed to traditional leaded stained glass, it is easy to replace individual pieces in the event that damage occurs, and damage is less likely because the materials we use are more durable. Acrylic panels can also be used in place of real glass for a more lightweight and cost-effective option.
Besides making great window pieces, these designs can also be custom framed and backlit to function as interior artwork, providing mood lighting and ambience. Ask an associate for a quote today!

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